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About Us

Learn About Friendship Circle of Las Vegas

The Friendship Circle is a program that involves teenager and young adult volunteers in helping children, teens, and young adults with special needs and their families. These individuals with special needs may suffer from loneliness in addition to their handicaps. They could have the best professional help (doctors, social workers, etc.) but they don’t necessarily have friends! They don’t attend regular social gatherings like most, and their classmates and peers cannot interact with them in the same way as most. They may be missing extra attention, love and friendship from friends and people in their community. The Solution is the Friendship Circle! The Friendship Circle provides assistance to families with physically or intellectually challenged children, teens, and young adults.

The Circle’s unique formula introduces teenage and young adult volunteers to our friends and through shared experiences both are enriched.

The Friendship Circle is made up of five parts: volunteers, special friends, parents, staff, and supporters. The true beauty of the circle is how we all link together to form a seamless circle of friendship. Together, we can perform miracles.

The Friendship Circle touches so many in our community:

The child, teenager, or young adult with special-needs looks forward to spending time with his or her teenage/young adult friend, as well as the special events they get to attend throughout the year.

The teenage and young adult volunteer learns the value of giving, and cherishes the experience of making a difference in an individual’s life while bringing a smile to his or her face.

The special friend’s family gets much needed respite and the pleasure of seeing their child become part of the community. They also get to share and interact with others facing circumstances and challenges similar to their own.

The supporter provides the wherewithal for the Friendship Circle to exist. By observing the very obvious difference the program is making to so many lives, supporters of the Friendship Circle make the smiles of these special children their own.

The staff is a team of leaders and professionals for whom the Friendship Circle is a labor of love. Be it through working with the children, teenagers, young adults and parents, or planning the various activities, these dedicated men and women are the driving force behind the program.

Our Mission

Friendship Circle provides a fully-inclusive and non-judgemental environment that nurtures relationships and helps to create lifelong friendships for individuals with disabilities.

Friendship Circle is founded upon the belief that within each person is a soul; and that soul is equal and worthy of boundless love. Everyone is deserving of friendship, and everyone can be a friend.

Our Vision

Friendship Circle focuses on abilities. We believe that everyone in this world is here for a unique purpose and no two people are alike. We believe that individuals with special needs have the potential to influence others in a unique way.

Friendship Circle’s teen volunteers and friends of all abilities set an extraordinary example for the rest of the world – that unwavering honesty, acceptance, positive thinking, and commitment build important and fulfilling friendships.

Our Programs

Friendship Circle Programs guarantee a fun and educational experience in a safe environment. Our programs include monthly family programs, monthly sunday club, monthly young adult get-togethers, weekly friends at home visits, teen workshops and parent events.

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Our Inspiration

The Rebbe

The Rebbe’s unconditional love to people knew no bounds. To the Rebbe they all belonged. He made them feel at home. The Rebbe’s warm smile would heal every aching heart. The Rebbe was always there, offering counsel and blessings, comfort and hope, and often, material help as well. It is his belief that none of us is complete unless all of us are included. That is the very core and essence of what the Rebbe teaches. It is this single concept that motivates the Friendship Circle.

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