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At Friendship Circle, our kids get to make friends, enjoy group activities, and super fun outings all with an incredibly organized and detailed program. Meeting other families at Friendship Circle is a form of support in its own and the Holiday celebrations keep our family involve din the Jewish Community. The Friends at Home Program enables our kids to form lifelong friendships. We feel blessed to have Friendship Circle in our community!

Mrs. Eliya MareParent

When I come to Friendship Circle events, I make new friends whom I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. It’s awesome to be making such a difference while having so much fun!

Jordy SelznickVolunteer

Friendship Circle allows me to experience friendships in which I can truly act myself without being judged. I love that Marcus feels so good when I come to hang out with him and I really feel like we created a real, cool connection.

Tristan JagetVolunteer

I support Friendship Circle because they create a place where children with special needs can share all of the joys of childhood, including having friends and feeling welcomes. Their activities and events are fun for the entire family as well!

Mr. Dan CohenParent