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Friendship Circle Programs

Sunday Club

Sunday Circle is a two-hour, drop-off program which offers a unique opportunity for participants to gain positive experiences in group activities while still receiving one-on-one attention from their buddies.

Family Events

Monthly Family Programs provide fun and entertainment for the entire family! From Holiday Programs, to Sports, Cooking, and more…these events are sure to be lots of fun for everyone!

Volunteer Programs

Our Volunteers enjoy connecting with friends at our workshops, while learning more about disabilities, and enjoying fun and exciting trips rewards!

Parent Programs

Mom’s and Dad’s can enjoy a well deserved, day or night off, socializing with fellow parents, while refreshing and relaxing at the various venues.

Young Adults Club

Young Adults with special needs pair with college students from UNLV, spending time together “On the Town”, or a night out during our monthly activities and special events.

Friends at Home

Friends at Home pairs teen volunteers with a friend for a weekly visit in the comfort of his/her own home! Together they play games, create projects, play sports, or just have a good time hanging out! It is a 1 hour weekly visit that accommodates both the family and volunteers.