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How does it Work?

Twice a week, at 7:00 p.m., A Jewish trivia question is sent out via text message. The trivia question is a multiple choice, giving 4 options to the players. Each player has the opportunity to immediately respond with the number they think is correct. These questions vary between holidays, current events, Israel, basic tradition, and history.

Upon responding, the player receives an instant message confirming whether you answered correctly, and if not, specifies the right answer. A link to a topic related article/video will be attached giving the choice to learn more on the topic. The 7th player to answer correctly wins a 20$ gift card to Amazon. HOW do you know who won? A Congratulations Text will be sent out to your entire group declaring:

“Congratulations, ____________ on being 7 at 7 and winning a $20 gift card!  Happy JTEXTing!”