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Members: 3-18 years | Young Adult Club Members: 18-35 years.

The Friends at Home program is designed to allow buddies to bond, hang out and connect in the comfort of their home. Our Friends at Home Coordinator will work with all parties involved to find a weekly visiting time that works for everyone. Additionally, Friendship Circle will supply activities and crafts as needed.

For the safety of all parties, before beginning Friends at Home, Friendship Circle requires Criminal background clearances for Parent(s)/Guardian(s) who live with the child being visited. We will contact the necessary parties regarding getting this done at a cheaper rate through the Friendship Circle, prior to the first Friends at Home visit. It is the policy of Friendship Circle to have a parent or guardian of the child being visited, present during all Friends at Home visits, to be responsible for everyone’s safety.

Friendship Circle Maintains an ‘open-door policy during the time of scheduled visits, in which a Friendship Circle Staff member may show up to check-in.
If the parties involved decide to either leave the home on an outing and/or stay home alone without the supervision of an approved adult, this visit cannot be under the direction or responsibility of Friendship Circle. It is a private arrangement between the families participating. Thus, Friendship Circle cannot take any responsibility for the visit or its arrangements.

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