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Volunteer Code of Conduct

We want to thank you for wanting to be a volunteer in the Friendship Circle.   Each volunteer plays an important role so it is essential that each volunteer adheres to the following code of conduct. This ensures that the children in the program are able to receive the quality social experiences that they need and deserve.

Dependability: We need YOU. Each volunteer is an important part of our program and we depend on each one when we plan activities. When you agree to be a volunteer for FC activities, we count on you to attend those sessions and the FC buddies look forward to seeing you. Please mark your calendars so you don’t forget. We understand that, now and then, there is an unavoidable reason why you can’t attend. So IF something that is OUT OF YOUR CONTROL will prevent you from attending, you have the obligation to make an effort to find another FC volunteer to take your place. If one cannot be found, please provide the FC director as much lead time as possible to try to find a replacement or extra

Timeliness: We request that all volunteers come 15 minutes before a group program begins so that they are ready and waiting for their This also helps us makes sure that programs can run smoothly.

Cell phones: It is important to give the members in the program your undivided attention. Phone calls and texting during FC programs distract the staff, volunteers and members. Therefore, we ask that volunteers do not use cell phones for calls or If there are special circumstances that require you to receive or make a specific call, please discuss this with the Director or a staff member.

Clothing: You will be working with children and youth that may get a little bit confused about appropriate versus inappropriate social behaviors. You also serve as a role model for them. So, please make sure that you are not wearing clothing that is too revealing such as low cut tops and short shorts or T-shirts with vulgar language or

Privacy: Confidentiality is an important part of this program. Participants and their parents need to know that others will not be discussing them for any reason other than to provide good experiences in the FC. It is natural to want to tell others about your buddy, BUT, this would violate confidentiality. So make sure you don’t discuss your buddy and his or her disability outside of the

Relationships: We ask that volunteers keep displays of romantic interest in each other outside Friendship Circle activities. Additionally, volunteers must refrain from engaging in romantic relationships with members. We want to make sure that this is a large group of platonic connections where members can feel comfortable with everyone just being

Feedback and Workshops: Because of the responsibility that goes with this position, the Friendship Circle requires that volunteers attend scheduled Workshops and be open to constructive

I have read these guidelines and agree to follow them and understand that if I violate them I can be subject to the disciplinary powers enacted by The Friendship Circle.